16 July 2007

grandma i'm here!

well, its me shelby. i have joined the blog! now i feel like a real member of the graham family. just got back from EFY last week, wowwww. it was pretty much amazing, the spirit was just so strong. austins just doing amazing up in canada! well i thought i'd let everyone know i'm now a part of the blog! byee!



7of9 said...

yippee-skippy! Did you fall in love w/ your counselor? Did you know all the dances? Hurry and get here so we can buy Harry Potter, ok?! Welcome to the blog!

Mama said...

Shelby, I am sorry I haven't responded to your blog. I think I haven't seen my computer since you arrived here. Keep those blogs coming. We love you and loved having your vitality and fun personality here to keep us all happy. You are the best! G.G.