10 July 2007

Happy Birthday to Joni

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JONI!!!! Sorry this is a day late, dear. Just for the rest of you to know, we had a little birthday dinner for Joni. Dad, me, Dallas and Doug met Joni and Jesse in SLC hoping to go to the Loco Lizzard, only to find that it was closed. Darn! So we went and had a great little big of Greek food. Of course the food was good, but the company was the best. I am sure you can imagine a few laughs. Jodi was gone on Trek and Doug's kids were in Logan, so lonely Doug came by himself. Sure is fun to actually see Joni on her birthday! This was 26 for her and that I have a hard time believing. I want Joni to tell you all what Jesse did for her birthday. Hopefully, Joni, you can even add the photos. What a good guy you are Jesse! We love you Joni, and wish you many, many more birthdays! xoxoxo Mama

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