20 July 2007


hey fam-

jesse and i are deeply grateful today...we had a scary incedent with mary last night that required a 911 call and a trip to the ER. she had what is called a fever seizure. it was a pretty good scare. jess found her laying flat on her face on the couch and turned her over to see her pale with blue lips--not breathing. her body was limp and her eyes were rolled back. we didn't know what was happening...i never want to feel that feeling again. i was so scared. she slowly started to breath shallow breaths. and by the time the paramedics were there she was coherent again. sort of. they poked her toe to get some blood and she didn't even flinch. they did some test while she was laying on the floor and then recommended we take her to the ER. throwing up along the way. Long story short...all is well but they had to put a cathader (? spelling) in her to get some urine for a test. and proceeded to poke her 3 times (one in her left arm, one in the ankle, and finally in the right arm) to get blood and put an IV in. she was NOT happy. which is the mary we know! they told us she was too chubby to find a vein. once she got some food and liquid thanks to dal...she was quite chipper. she only had a fever of 100.3 --not too high. the doctor just said that it was how fast it came on that shut her body down. the heat doesn't help either. so...to all of you. keep your kids hydrated--and if they are showing the slightless sign on heat on their body put them in the bath or something. i know this fever seizure isn't uncommon but it definitely is for us and our little mary. i don't want that scare again. so just be aware.
it just made us realize how grateful we are for our kiddos--and how much we love them. mom called it my "growing pains". i don't think i like them very much!
we love you all
and see you soon!


Lead Dog said...

I am grateful that all is well. You were in my prayers last night after I heard the word.

Love you.

7of9 said...

She was our Mary again, after all that riggum-roll. Amazing how resilient the body can be. We sure love your family, Jones, and we hurt when hurt. I think I'm going to be drinking more water after this, too!

firekracker said...

That experience is all too common for me Joni. It is called a fabral seizure and it definitely takes you by surprise and is the worst thing to witness. Several of my kids have seized on me. Nettie didn't breathe for a long time and the paramedics were ready to do a trachiotemy (spelling?) So scarey! Sometimes I feel picked on because I have so many traumatic things happen in my little family. What is wrong with me?
So glad everything is all right. Love you!

Mama said...

Just want to add my comment. My heart was aching for you and Jesse. It is a tramatic experience for sure. Even the ER is traumatic. I was glad I could be there with you. A phone call from a teary daughter is always a little scary. I am so grateful for the prompt Farmington folks that came at your call. Thanks to Dallas for coming and bringing food. It was a nightmare, but now it is over and we are all grateful all is well!!!! Hugs! Mom