29 August 2007

Latest from Heber

Hey family. It is a late Wednesday night, and I thought I would say hello. I am working away from my old environment and working into my new life as a self employed dude. It has been a great experience thus far. Today I fulfilled a dream of mine to actually possibly do business with one of my brothers. Stan treated me to lunch and boosted my confidence like only Stan can. What a treat to see Jesse there as well.

We are quite confident that Landon has forgotten where he came from or who we are. Actually, he still calls home to find out how to steam vegetables or how to make ice, but other than that he is living large and in charge. I got a call last week from him right after he had auditioned for the non-music major symphonic orchestra. The department head made him a member of the band on the spot, as well as the pep band. He also thinks he has a shot at playing base drum in the Badger drum line. This is Landon. He has always liked being involved. He is really liking the campus I think, and enjoying his art classes immensely. Some of you may not know, but as he was interviewing at BYU with the animation department, they told him that he had more computer animation skills than most their Juniors, but he didn't know how to draw. They encouraged him to get an associates in art. So, he is fully invested in the SCAD (Snow College Art Department) and thinks they all walk on water. He is loving it.

The kids are all in school, and today Nettie met her preschool teacher. She was able to identify all her ABC's, and numbers up to 20, and all her colors. So why go? It is hard for Carolyn to see this.

We need you to remember Carolyn in your prayers. She will be going in for a biopsy on her thyroid soon, and she is worried about it obviously. We are working through getting new insurance, so it is even more of a stress. But, I am confident that the Lord will take care of her.

We love you all. Fun to hear from you.


Mama said...

Birdlet! Good to hear from you. I too think Landon has forgotten how to e-mail. Such the busy and exciting life. I am excited to hear that he is tooting his horn and getting invovled in fun stuff. Is everyone adjusting to him being gone? Tell him hi when he calls next. Give the whole gang hugs from us. We will always have Carolyn in our thoughts and prayers. When does this biopsy happen? Please let us know ahead of time. I would propose a family fast. How would that be? Would you let us know the best date for the fast? Good luck in this great new adventure! Loves. . .xoxoxo Mom

Jen said...

brad, it is good to hear from you! i am so happy to hear that landon is having a great timel-no surprise there!:) love you to you all...and yes, we're thinking of carolyn and praying for all of you!!

Oldest Girl said...

I can't believe mom called you birdlet....Brad I am so excited to see you on the Blog. Landon is going to have fun where ever he is. He is much like you. We will keep Carolyn in our prayers. I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you soon!