12 August 2007

Happy Anniversary to Amy and Craig, and more

Hi dearest family, It is Sunday night, Aug. 12 and I have just sat down to see what is on my computer. I won't tell you how many e-mail messages I have. What makes me disturbed is that I haven't seen the blog for a while. First of all I want to tell Amy and Craig HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Nineteen, isn't it? That is way hard to swallow. Though Craig is in China without Amy, I hope he gets the good wishes too. Just wanted to tell you all how thrilled we have been to have you all here and together the past couple of weeks. It is been a big blow out of fun and our house is much too quiet today. However, today was a great one because of James. We had a treat in hearing him deliver a great missionary address. You know, it was just one of those fond wishes coming true. Another one! James was wonderful and taught me a lot. His talk was about service and it was truly excellent. He looked so much like a missionary and sounded as if he were already a missionary. What a blessing! We love him and want him to know that he has the support of our family. We pledge to him our prayers, thoughts, letters and love. How blessed we are to have two wonderful Elders serving the Lord full time. Landon will be joining Austing and James just after the first of the year. Our cup truly runneth over. . . Stan and Gina hosted a huge crowd at their home after the meeting and put on a spread of food that was gobbled up quickly. Thanks Stan and Gina. As most of you know, we are praying that the Lord will bless the elements tonight - - that we won't have wind. Our Farmington mountain fire is not out yet and it truly causes us stress. Wish we could have a big rain storm and put it out completely. It is great to hear from each of you. Thanks Scott, for putting Austin's letter on the blog. We will write our own to him. Love to each of you and thanks again for making our life so enjoyable!!!! We love having you near us and love to hear you talk and laugh and visit and show love for each other. Hooray for our new little Great Grandson!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loads of love and prayers for each of you! Mom


Oldest Girl said...

Thanks mom you are so great! We had the greatest time. My kids love it out there. You and dad are the greatest sports. All those extras are fun but also it has to get hard sometimes. We love you and hope you know how awsome we think you are. We already miss you!


Dallas Graham said...

We miss you. No, let's make this personal: I MISS YOU! Saw hairspray tonight and L-O-V-E-D it. Have you girls seen it yet? Jen and Ty: you were right on! Sooooo fun!! My foot and leg were jamming the entire time!

Jen said...

momma....i love you!! we miss you as does everyone else that had to go home....my kids didn't want to leave. they keep talking about going back...and i am so thankful they want to! i know we all bring a massive amount of brain damage for you and dad...thank you for putting up with us!!!! we love you and miss you like crazy!!! and dallas, i'm so glad you liked hairspray....it is such a scream! but it isn't a little kid show--i'd say maybe savannah or madelyn and older...?