15 August 2007

Captain Bo

We sure had a great time in Utah! We are still struggling to adjust to the time and all. My kids miss their cousins and I miss my siblings and inlaws. It is just so great of a vacation. We found a Taco Time in a gas station around here! It is new... I picked up 9 cripsy bean burritos today. We were so excited. Craig is flying in tonight from China. He had a great trip except he brushed his teeth with hotel water yesturday....ooops. He is not feeling great. Good thing he is almost home. Shelby is making cookies and we are getting everyone to bed. I went school shopping to buy "supplies" today....I never knew Prong folders were so hard to come by....The past four years they sell out everywhere. GET A CLUE! Well I love everyone!


Mama said...

Fun photos Amy. Thanks to you and your girls for the great Bo's Buchaneer Reunion!!!! We all had such a great time! The theme you selected was so fun and everyone grabbed on to it. Dallas, the T-shirt was THE BEST!!! Everyone loved it and will wear it until it is in threads. Jeni and Tyler's surprise attendance was so fun. I wish I could have had photos of the faces as they came into our kitchen. It was pretty hard to keep it quiet for so long. And then to have Angie and her kids join us with another surprise! Wow, we were just full of it weren't we. Then to have Matt show up - - - -just so wonderful. To be able to have Ryan's baptism with all his cousins and loving family around him was so great. I think the "Stomp" at Stan and Gina's in James honor also served as a fitting end to our whole Graham party. Boy, did everyone rock and roll! Thanks so much to everyone for making our lives so great!!!! Love you all. . . . xoxoxo Mom

Dallas Graham said...

Amos, these photos are great! I need to get all the images together and get a disk out to everybody! Thanks for the reminder. I love the shot of all the little ones on the sofa. Soooo precious.

Mama said...

another comment from me. . . I too just love looking at the row of 'same sizers' on the sofa! They will all love it for years to come! Mom