15 August 2007

Elder James goes into MTC

A great big pay day!! We accompanied Stan, Gina, Dane and Elder James to the MTC today. Thrill beyond words. . . He is going to be one great missionary, I can tell. He will be in the MTC for 2 months - - leaves on Oct 15. I told Gina I would put his MTC address on the blog so everyone can send him mail. I am sure she will fill us in on how we might send him E-mail, packages, etc. It was truly a wonderful experience today. His address is : Elder James Graham, MTC Mail Box # 289 Mex-Montw 1015, 2005 N. 900 E., Provo, Utah 84604-1793. (I could have made an error on the Montw part, but that is what I heard Gina say. If it needs correction, we will tell you pronto)

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