28 August 2007

Got it figured

Hey all! Finally got this blog figured out. Think its totally awesome! I just wanted to say Shelbs and Mady, I am so sorry we didn't really get to say a long goodbye (probably better that way...no tears and such) and I miss all of you guys so much! and Mades, sorry you didnt come with us hiking and we didnt get to go to that fun store here...but I finished your amazing hippy pixel and will be sending it to you asap. I love you all family! ahh we are so cool!


Oldest Girl said...

abby! we are coming up sept 15th and you HAVE to spend the wknd up w/ us at gmas. just sat and sun bc i know you have school. but you havee tooo!!!


Mama said...

Love it to see you guys on the blog. Keep it up. Abby, I too vote that you stay here with us on the weekend of the concert. That would be starting Sat. Sept. 15 and have a major sleep over. Come on now, in the eteranl scheme of things this is totally the right choice, right Shelby and Mady? We will hold our breath and know you will make the right decision so we can breathe again. G.G.

Blue Badger said...

yay! I figured it out too!

Love, its here to STAY!