15 August 2007

Graham Michael Ragsdale

What an adorable Great grandson we have!!!! After going to the MTC we visited Estee and Lee and their new little doll. I loved holding him and looking into his sweet little face. He is a keeper for sure. So very good looking! I want to say beautiful, but then that isn't too masculine, is it? However, he is amazing!!! Estee wasn't feeling up to par today, but hopefully after a trip to her Dr., she will be feeling better. I hated to see her not feeling well. Keep her in your prayers. I will say that Estee and Lee have a wonderful little son and we are so excited and grateful for them and for him. We will have a family gathering when folks are in town for the UCA Concert. Then you can see for yourselves. You can hardly wait! Such an angel sent from heaven. xoxo Mom

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