26 August 2007

The Work Moves Forward in Texas

Today, August 26, we were blessed to witness the growth of the kingdom here in north Texas. Elder John B. Dickson presided at our stake conference and carried out his assignment to divided the McKinney Texas stake and create the Allen Texas stake. It was truly a great weekend. Our current stake presidency all resided in the boundaries of the new Allen Stake and were called to continue to preside over that new stake. The new stake president for the McKinney stake is Meredith Packard. I told Wendee two months ago when it began to be clear that indeed the stake was going to be divided that I felt Meredith would be called. I was right.

I had the opportunity of speaking at last night's evening session of conference.

We are grateful to be living and serving in this part of the Lord's vinyard at this time. The Church continues to be strong and the growth vibrant here in Texas.

Love you all.


Mama said...

Sounds like a great weekend Scott. Wish I had been there. Would love to have heard your address. Hooray for Texas!

-st- said...

what my dad didn't mention is that he was the only bishop asked to speak out of the whole stake. my mom said he spoke on temples and it was amazing. can i have a copy of your talk dad? i love it when you speak.