02 May 2007

we made it!!

hey all, just wanted to tell you that we made it!! the kids and i flew into munich airport tuesday morning here, which was the middle of the night in the states...tyler was just outside the gate when we walked off the plane..it was so great to see him! my kids just flipped out to see him!! we're really hoping that everyone sleeps through the night tonight....i didn't give them any "pink drink" tonight!

our home phone is 206-331-3953. it will just be like you are calling seattle, not germany. remember to the time difference though....and i only have one phone, and it's not very loud...if i miss you call, leave a message!!

i had an eye opening experience at the store today...i bought pickles i really wanted to be dill...but i'm not sure they really are dill...taste a bit different than i wanted....and it was so hard to figure out what i was buying!! i tried to find some spot stuff for the laundry...i think what i got is...it is in a spray bottle!:) the fun, the fun....

i love you all and hope you are doing well!! i'm off to bed....xoxoxoxoxo


Mama said...

Hooray!!!! Now we just have to watch the clock and check for E-mail often, right? Also checking the blog is a great idea. Do you think anyone is doing this of late?

7of9 said...

So glad to hear you are there safely, enjoying steam baths and pickles! What a life, indeed! Seriously, though, how is it? Descriptions, pictures, and more please. Are you in corporate housing? When do you move into your home? How are the kids with things? Are your goods there? Are you hearing German a lot?

It was great having you here. So great. Please send photos. Loves..

Jen said...

i'll send phootos soon. we're in a temporary appartment...making me long to have my "stuff"!! i'd just rather use my own towels and such? know what i mean?! it's good. we're trying to figure out how to adjust to the time differnce...my kids are really stuggling with that bit!

we do have our air shipment, but it isn't all that i thought was going to be coming air..that's a little frustrating! please pray that our sea shipment gets here on time and that it makes it through customs quickley!!

i'll be back soon!! love you all!!

Oldest Girl said...

So glad you are there Jen and Tyler! You will have such an adventure! Way to go. I think your experience at the grocery sound a bit frustrating though. It is hard enough trying to figure out what is in the food we eat, try reading it in German. Sauerkrautt?

Mama said...

Jeni, Carol Smith has your phone number. I think you have her e-mail. She is most anxious to help you out with trying to read the labels, etc. She has been there and done that. She says the German will start to sound familiar and you will be great. Just pronouce every letter. Easy? Sure! We love it to see your blog! We want photos!!! xoxo Mama