11 May 2007

Together At Last - Together Forever

Hi all - it is Tyler posting here. Soooooo nice to be back together with Jen and the kids. This is a picture of us in front of our apartment right after we got home from the aiport last week. Jen and the kids have survived their first week in Germany. Not too much happened in week 1: Jen & kids got drenched in a rainstorm walking home from the market; we set fire to the microwave; we...ok, I lost Lucy's precious white blanket; I blew the motherboard out on one of our computers - oops, wrong plug = lots of smoke; high priority terror alert for Americans in Germany; power went out today, not good when your waterheater is electric; and we spent lots of euros at Ikea - but who really cares how much you spend when you are playing with Monopoly money (or so it seems). I posted some pictures of our apartment and surrounding area on our family blog: http://allenworld.spaces.live.com/ TTFN!


Mama said...

Do we only get one photo? I checked your blog and I can't see where to look at photos of Germany. Hmmmmmmmm. Nice to see the one though. I want more!

7of9 said...

Very glad to see you all together again. Sounds like the Fatherland is an adventure, indeed. How's the chocolate?