09 May 2007

Art Market

so this weekend i am a "vendor" in my first art market! it is in slc and dallas is setting it all up for me. just thought i would show you my product. i made 50 of them for this art market. i have been making these for awhile--some as gifts, some to sell, etc.

so here you go...mommy clutches...baby wipe containers by Joni Hayes...

Art Market

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firekracker said...

I can't believe you Joni! The clutches are absolutely beautiful! What do they look like inside? How much are you selling them for? What gave you the idea? Are they hard to sew? Is it a zipper close?

By the way, I know it's going to be so dang hard to leave Virginia, but we are so excited to have you come back to Utah!

Oldest Girl said...

Go Joni! Those are so cute. I want another one!

bubblyone said...

YOU GO GIRL! I am pumped to make my own in the OBX!

You are the woman! and you are going to have so much fun with these!

Lots of love to you,

Mama said...

Cheers for you Jones! They are so cute! I am excited for you and hope they sell well at the art show. xoxo mama

7of9 said...

Just so you know, I was there taking down her table and she got some RAVE comments on them! She also sold nearly half of them. That is good news, folks. I noticed many of the other artist's tables and really don't think they sold as much. Way to go, Jones.