20 May 2007

Back from Mexico


Just thought I would drop a quick note to let you all know that Jodi and I had a great cruise this last week, celebrating our 10 year anniversary. For a first time cruise, it wasn't too bad, and we think we could've spent several days on Catalina Island. I must say though....whoever told me cruise food was good, must be on crack though.....the first day, we walked into one of the eating areas, and it smelled like tiny asian men cooking their own sweat....no kidding. From then on, every meal was tainted for us, and we lost collectively around 30 pounds by never eating.

First day was in L.A...enough said...let me say that everything we see on 24, you can believe it will happne in L.A...the town deserves it.

We spend the next day in San Diego-which was fun, walking around and seeing everything downtown....and we had some good chocolate at Ghiradelli's.

Next day was spent on Catalina Island--which was awesome....I could go there anytime.

Last day was spent in Ensenada, Mexico, where I received a lobster type sun tan, and afraid to touch any food. We spent the day being harrassed by the locals, and observing how dirty everything is....granted...I don't think I will go back there...AGAIN. I will stick to Cancun and other "Resort Mexico" locations.

Hope all is well with everyone.


Jen said...

how fun for you!! i'm glad that you had a good time. i've heard that food on a cruise was fantastic too....i guess some people like a little asian sweat here and there....

love you!!

7of9 said...

I'm not sure who I've heard it from, but I'll agree w/ you and Jen. I think Mom also said the food wasn't much to taste, but it always looked good. So, is your skin really nuked? Show some photos, bro, c'mon...

Mama said...

Hooray! You survived the cruise experience! Sounds like the whole experience was well worth it! Where was the ship? Where did you get on and off the ship? Dang! I guess you didn't have the best cooks on board? So sorry! Like Dallas said, I thought the food looked wonderful and tasty - - especially the midnight buffets, but low and behold, there wasn't much to write home about the taste of the beautiful stuff. Can hardly wait to see you and hear it first hand! This will be our next favorite stand up comedian topic! Wonder how Stan and Gina's food was. xoxox Mom

Oldest Girl said...

I love your commentaries. No matter what it is about. I wish you would record some for me. Too bad about the food. I hope you had a happy anniversary! Wow Congratulations!