19 May 2007


This morning I received a phone call from my friend, Frederik, regarding a "friends and family" pass to the pre-opening of Utah's new Disneyland, IKEA. Officially, the doors crack open on 23 May, but you can feel tent-pitching anxiety in the air. Do other cities have as many slumber-partying, tent-pitching crowds as Utah? For those of you that live outside of this Wasatch, what'cha think?

There was lots. And lots. Lots of lamps. Lots of beds. And lots of looking. I could have been purchasing, and in the ideal world, today would have been the day to do it — before the onslaught of public-purchasing comes next wk. I exercised a bit of self-constraint and refrained from the enticing, Swedish dishes and rockers (I did, however, purchase the Swedish meat-balls at the restaurant).

And if people ACTUALLY begin decorating their homes after-the-manner-of-I, I'm okay with that. I'm okay with it because it's smart, stylized, and non-spendy. It doesn't have the stuffed wild mountain goats like Cabella's, but what it lacks in camouflage, it certainly makes up in china and rugs.

I give it 4 stars, especially when you consider the fact that you are handed a MAP as soon as you enter the store and a friendly smile advising to "stay on the grey-painted road." Thanks, Dorothy. We are not in Kansas anymore.


Jen said...

everything here is from ikea....everything!! i love that store....i'll be back later!

Mama said...

Dallas, if you have it all cased out already, maybe you could be our family tour guide. How about it? Looking forward to the fun! xoxoMama