17 May 2007

Thoughts and Prayers

Hello family,
I am soliciting your prayers in behalf of my good friend Julie Cluff. She lives in Houston. She was driving to North Carolina over the weekend with 3 of her kids and dozed at the wheel. She lost her two youngest ones. They were 8 and 10. She is really struggling. She feels guilty. They were sleeping on a bed and not in seat belts. Please buckle up all the time and if you are sleepy, stop and sleep. She is so devasted. She really needs to accept the atonement and try to cope. I ache for her but know that the power of prayer is real. I love you all . Hug each other and express your love all the time.



RockStar said...


So sorry to hear about Julie's loss...that is really tragic. Our thoughts and prayers go to her at this terrible time.

Mama said...

Thanks Amy for asking us to join you and Craig and lots of your friends in prayer for this family. We have talked of it much since you told us about it. We will continue to remember them in our own prayers and on the temple prayer roll. Our thoughts are with you too. It is tragic to lose those close to you. xoxox mama