09 May 2007


Hey you all. . . .Thought I would be reminding you of the big days this month. Of course, right of the bat and already past was Carolyn's birthday on May 2. Now today is a big anniversary of Tyler and Jeni, tomorrow the 10 is 10 years for Jodi and Doug! Happy Aniversary to both of your wonderful couples! Then tomorrow also is Craig's birthday followed by Estee on th 16th and Tyler on the 19th! WOW! We had a bunch in April - - Amy, Angie, Stan, Scarlett, Sasha, Madelyn and Jesse. I think I will take on the opportunity to remind you all of birthdays, etc. The Blog is a great way to send a birthday wish, isn't it? Also I want to tell you all that the UCA concert on Monday was really a treat. Stan, Estee, Lee, Brad, Abby all came and we sat near each other. It meant a lot to Dallas to have some of you there. It was a delightful evening and the music was amazing - difficult, close, and gorgeous harmonies, which were all memorized. That was a real accomplishment! Go Dallas, Go! The good news is that they are going to make a CD of this wonderful music of Bernell Hales. You will all love to have it in your music library, for sure! Thanks to you guys who came. Tyler and Jeni would love a phone call from all of you! There home phone is a Seattle based number so you can call it just like they lived in Seattle. No big price. Here it is 1-206-331-3953. Just be aware of the time difference. They are 8 hours ahead of us here in Utah. Give them a call. Love to all of you! Sure am glad I am your Mom!!! xxoxox Mama

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