04 May 2007

For those of you who aren't aware, Brad and I are going through some major changes regarding work. Brad is going to leave the company he has been with for 17 years and start his own accounting business. We just signed the lease today for some tiny office space and are trying to build a clientele by word of mouth hoping the Nelson's don't find out about it prematurely (we are counting on a "bonus" to help us through this tight time and we don't think they'll pay up if they heard the news) We are scared to death and still aren't sure how we're going to pay the bills. We plan on using our food storage, we've cancelled clogging, piano, the gym, swimming, etc., and hopefully we'll have a productive garden to get us through. It got to the point where Brad and I couldn't stand the over-worked and under-paid position AND not appreciated for his hard work! He hasn't had a pay increase for years and we're having a difficult time keeping our heads above water if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong we are grateful for the job he has had, but it's time to go and we feel good about it. Wish me luck making creative ABC Soup Mix!

On Monday morning when I was showering I was thinking, because of our financial situation, how great it would be if we won the car that our local grocery store was giving away for a contest. Next thing I knew, the phone rang and they had just pulled out my name to be one of the 26 people that get to try to start the car on Saturday morning! Pretty funny huh! I was the last picked and they probably picked my name out the same time I had that thought in the shower. CRAZY! It would be totally cool, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Fun to think about! We'll let you know what happens.


Oldest Girl said...

Wow, what a new adventure you have going. I am sure that you have been led by the Lord in this decision. It will make all the difference in the world to have Brad happy at work. He will be great. He will get a big base...come on everyone knows the GRAHAMS! lol

Hang in there. Read the book THE PRIZE WINNER OF DEFIANCE OHIO. She raised 10 kids on 25 words or less. She signed up for every sweepstakes and won all kinds of things....washer/dryer,cars, money etc. I thought of that when you told me about that car. You can do it. We love you!

Amy, Craig and the girls

bubblyone said...

Wow you are in for a great fun adventure! We will keep you in our prayers and dang if anyone can do this ANYONE---it is you and Brad and your amazing kids! WOW a leap of Faith huh? But the Lord won't leave us comfortless, He will come to us."

You guys will do so awesome and Brad so won't have a problem building his clients---who doesn't love Brad! We love you and Dang if you get that car i will FREAK out for you! LOL

Angie, Matt and kids

7of9 said...

Wow! I guess I won't be calling the Nelson companies and telling them (just kidding). Boy, oh, boy-oh. Where will the offices be located? Is this going to be a total "solo op" for the time being, or are there plans for immediate recruits? Honestly, nothing but loads of respect regarding this decision. I'm confident, though, in you, in him, and your abilities to overcome. What an interesting time and recalling. I wonder how it appears/feels to the kids. Any words there? Love you guys. And congrats on the automobile! I'm going to start entering more contests!!! Dxo

Jen said...

like everyone has said, wow!! good luck to all of you!! we all know how much different life is when daddy's work life is good...or at least tolerable!! i love you all and will pray for you all!!

Mama said...

Hooray! Carolyn is on the blog with us! I love it when I see all the fun comments from everyone. Keep it up. I think we should all check the blog first thing after we sit at our computers. It is just so great. We are excited for Brad and Carolyn too. We agree with all the rest that it is a great big leap of faith and determination, and if anyone can do it Brad can. With Carolyn as his cheerleader, he can leap tall buildings. Extra prayers and requests for blessings from all of us, right? Loves. . . xoxoxo Mama

firekracker said...

Well, I didn't win the car. The girl before me did! My chances were getting better and better as keys were pulled out because I was the middle person position. Mayabe someone else needed the car more,huh. It was sure a fun thing to think about!

It is freezing here in Heber AND snowing! I guess we need the moisture so I'm grateful.

Landon and Abby are both going to "El Cheapo" dance tonight. It works like this...The first person who asks you out plans the date. The other person has to pay for the date...no more than $20.07. Sounds fun and affordable doesn't it!

In response to you, Dallas, we've only told Landon and Abby about the changes with Brad's occupation. They were very nervous and unsure for a while at first, but we reassured them that we'd find the money for college, etc. and that the Lord would help us if we did all that we could for ourselves and show forth sacrifice and faith. The younger kids are puzzled why we can't go for our traditional "hamburger" every Thursday before clogging. They are also surprised that there's only 2 bags of groceries to put away!!

Jeni, I am so glad you made it to Germany safe and sound.

Love you all!

RockStar said...

Well....Brad informed me of this decision last week at Mom and Dad's, and he and I had a good chat about the opportunities ahead. I know too well from first hand experience what it feels like to be kicked around financially-it seems like I have been slugging it out for years with different employers....so I can understand in a smal way what he feels..that being said...Brad is one of the most brilliant people I know, and he has a lot of things in the fire, and I know it will work out ok...plus.....he is a Bishop in the Lord's kingdom, and I know that the Lord takes care of his Bishops....if it makes you feel any better....I have never been able to afford a lot of luxuries for my children..we just tell them to pretend a lot! Anyway....it will be OK...is worth it to be happy at work, and hopeully all your ladies who stay at home appreciate the wars your husbands go through EVERY DAY to make sure you and the children live comfortably...please remember that and let you husbands know how much you appreciate them.....You would probably be surprised how often men are put into situations that challenge their moral and ethical standards. I face it every day, and still find the courage to wake up the next day and go to war again....all I have to do is look at my childrens faces everyday and I am reminded of why I do it.....

You can do it Brad.....I believe in you.


Mama said...

Amen to all your votes of confidence for Brad and Carolyn! How happy I am to read of your love and support of each other. You are all so great and thoughtful! Love you all. . .xoxox mama