23 May 2007


Greetings from the beautiful city of Vienna!! Tyler has had work meetings in Vienna this week, so we thought we'd all tag along. Monday afternoon (just after the electrition finished installing all of our light fixtures--i think 25 or 26 of them to be exact), we ran to the S-Baun (train) station to catch a train to Munich. We then got onto an international train that took us to Vienna. The ride was about 4 hours...and so enjoyable!! The seats were comfortable...we had plenty of space. We sat in 4 seats that faced each other, so we were even able to stretch our out legs...it was so great! The ride was non-eventful (luckily) but so enjoyable! I can't believe how beautiful the German/Austrian country sides are!! I felt a little silly, I kept catching myself saying "it's just so beautiful!" I know it sounds a bit trite...but it was exceedingly beautiful! For those of you that have been here, you know what I mean! It is just what you see in books and postcards..but it's real! Just lovely...I felt so blessed....the Lord does love us....what a beatuiful world!!

So, the kids and I have been having a great time...really relaxing and taking it easy. They are really enjoying the little treats that we've had--a wafer type cookie with haselnut-like nutella-inside...and then they are layered about 6 wafers high...they've been inhaling them! I'm wondering if that is what has led to our "digestinal unrest". I discovered the need to stay near a toilet for their sakes today...hmmmmm...they are enjoying a second bath today...could it be the new treats? I'm just wondering!

Yesterday we ventured out and walked down the Danube river, it was wonderful and beautiful...and we saw some very european scenes. For example, just enjoying the beautiful scenery around the river, people just jump off their bike, take off their clothes and lay out by the water's edge...some with speedo's on...some w/o!! I tried to shield my kids eyes as we walked past what I'm sure will be the first of many "topless" women sunbathing...

We're enjoing ourselves...and have taken a few fun photos. I'm not sure I have the cord to sinc the photos to the computer..sorry!!

I'll be back...love you all!!!


Mama said...

Oh the wonder of it all! How thrilled I am that you are having this amazing experience! Thanks so much for sharing it with the family. We are all green with envy and can hardly wait for our visit to Germany. We could all hop on the train and zip down to Austria, right? No words to explain it, is there? Just keep trying. We are looking forward to the photos that go with the dialog! Eat it up and engrave it on your memory! Watching for more. . xoxo Mom

Oldest Girl said...

Jen it sounds like you are having such a wonderful experience. I hope that you don't get carried away and forget everyones birthdays! :)