26 May 2007

THE OBX (outerbanks that is)

WOW we had the best time! A great big beach house walking distance from the beach, mom and dad, joni and jess and kids and our great friends the Bowmans! A big shabang before we leave our beloved East Coast! Just thought you'd enjoy a few pictures--the weather couldn't have been more perfect! YEAH!

Loves to you all!


Oldest Girl said...

Wish I could come! It looks like you guys had a great time! Some day you can come back and we can go with you!

7of9 said...

DIVINE, that's all I have to say. I'm majorly bummed about losing the "east coast connections" : you and Jones. What the heck?! How am I supposed to get my Virginia fix?! Well, I guess you can move to Texas, as long as I get that little, small, HOUSE on the side of your house to myself.