14 October 2007

Pioneer Park :: Channel 2 Reports

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you see a little clip on a story that was done today. Watch and you'll see this funny mug of mine: Pioneer Park Clip

Here's to hoping for better things w/ Pioneer Park!


bubblyone said...

Dallas---you were so educated with what you said---i totally loved seeing you standing there in the circle--did you know they were filming and were you so nervous when they were filming you--did you feel like Ms (can't remember her state) from the Miss USA pageant? HAHAHA--you were awesome--you always look so stylish too ya beggar---can't ever catch you not being the hippest one on the planet---i love you more than you love me--


Mama said...

Got your blog, Dallas. It was fun to see you in the news! I will be happy if they will actually start to do something about Pioneer Park. Like you said, if they can clean up Central Park in NYC, they ought to be able to do one city block in SLC!Love you! Mom

Oldest Girl said...

You are always on tv. You are so popular! I wish I could be on news. You did great. Clean that place up! You go! I sure love you! Have a great one!