01 October 2007

Birthday dinner

Many thanks for all of you who gathered last night for our Birthday dinner for Dallas and Abby. I love to have you all here! It was far too short however, but that is understood. It was so much fun for everyone. I love to hear the chatter around the table and in other areas of the house the sounds of the kids having good times together. I want you all to know that this heaven to me. Thanks for your compliments on the food. That always makes me satisfied to know I can appeal to your good taste. I feel like I score when you like the food I fix. Let's give credit where credit is due: Amy gave me the delicious dessert recipe - - which was gobbled up quickly. She also reminded me of the grilled cheese sandwich she had sent in an earlier menu. We call the salad Amy's salad too. So Thanks to Amy! The soup can be found in the Favorites cook book. It was so fun to watch Abby open her pile of presents! Wow what a hall! Dallas was pleased with gifts as well. Teage wanted so badly to open a gift, I found a little figure in my return pile that we quickly wrapped and gave to him. Don't know who it belonged to, but now Teage has it. Made him happy. Thanks again for the great memories you have given us. I am invitined all to Thanksgiving here. Let me know if you read this so I can make sure you include this on your calendars. I mean everyone!!!! Even you Texas folks and Germany folks! We sure love all of you! Looking forward to going to Texas this weekend to see our kids there. Especially our new little Jake! Dad will return on Tues. and I will stay on a few more days with Angie. Our snow has melted and it is spectacular weather now. Cool, crisp and sunny. Love fall! Have a wonderful October! We will miss being with you at Conference this weekend, but we will be thinking of each of you. Hope you are looking forward to this great and historic weekend. Have it good! Love, Mom


Oldest Girl said...

I am jealous i wasnt there. hope you have a great time in Texas. Kiss on little Jake for all of us! You are the greatest mom! I love you so much!

firekracker said...

We always have a wonderful time at Grandma and Grandpa's house. And it's so hard to leave! Thank you for the wonderful meal, Mom. If you (Mom or Amy) get a chance maybe you could share with me the soup and sandwich recipe's? Yummy!
Have a great time in Texas. How is Dad feeling? Is he still going? Should he go? Can we help him in any way?
Gretchen's little play was darling. I went again this morning (for the third time) I think she has found her "thing". She really does do a good job acting and singing. I think I'll try to put her in more productions with all my spare time.
What a beautiful day. Maybe I'll mow the lawn! I sure wish my flowers still looked as good as yours still do Mom. We must have gotten a hard freeze because everything is dead and ugly here. Have a nice day everyone!