11 October 2007

Last Night, Across the Street

Um. So yeah. I don't know if any of you heard about this, but basically, last night around 10p (when I was walking home from a friend's house), there was a stabbing/gunning incident at my cute, little, drug-infested Pioneer Park. Yep, the one directly across the street from Petunia.

Here's the story: Stabbing At Pioneer Park.

So odd. I was walking home 15 minutes from when it happened. I didn't hear anything unusual other than the "normal" sirens I hear every night. When the officer took the assailant down, I don't remember any gun shots, even.

Two things:

1. Dallas, be more aware of what is happening, right outside your door! I was totally into a book and I didn't hear a thing!
2. I mean, how do you stop people from simply deciding to stab and kill?!

I'm fine. The neighborhood (people) are fine, but it will be interesting to hear what the homeowners say.

I recently attended our community council meeting where we met w/ the police department. Basically, Utah's holding facilities are crammed full. The drug pushing is at a high (for the year) but the park - overall - has improved from year's past. Still... it makes you wonder: if Central Park did it, why can't we (probably $, Dallas...)?

Maybe I should look into very fashionable, Kevlar pants...

Lighter and better note:

B R A D !


Papa Jones said...

Thanks Dallas. And thanks to everyone that dropped a line. As these days roll around it is more difficult to "celebrate" except that I am alive. It is difficult to think I am approaching, or may have even past my "hump day" of my life....


Oldest Girl said...

Dallas! Be aware! Be aware. Don't be a nice guy on a walk one night and be in the wrong part of town at the wrong time..reading a great book! Be safe. Weird experience.! Happy Birthday Brad!

bubblyone said...

k dal--that is way to scary---you better be aware! And dang--don't just walk around to care free at night---BOO--AHHH that is scary--that was way to weird and i can't believe you didn't hear anything!

love you-ang