17 October 2007

Landon :: Contact Your Uncle Dallas ASAP

Landon, a friend of mine that is an art director/illustrator is working on a project. He asked me if I knew a 3-D modeler. I thought of you. He is interested in talking w/ you to see if you may be interested in helping w/ a packaging project. I know you're in school, but if you actually could get involved with something with Josh, it would be a great thing. He is one of my better friend here in Salt Lake. So, I hope you're checking the blog. Otherwise, Carolyn/Brad, what is his contact info? Love you buddy, Uncle Dal


firekracker said...

Dallas--I don't know how often he checks the blog. Here is his phone number. 435-671-3950. Sounds exciting! Thanks for thinking of him.

Dallas Graham said...

Thanks, C! I am giving him a call this morning! Dxo

Mama said...

Yo, if anyone gets in touch with Landon, tell him to E-mail G.G. I would love to connect with him some how. I can't believe he doesn't have a mailing address! Does he ever answer E-mail? Thanks! xoxo Mom