24 October 2007

Marco Polo's Journey to Dante's Inferno

Hello everyone....

Marco Polo and his crew arrived in San Diego on Oct. 21st, only to realize that the entire Southern California area is submerged in flames. I am awestruck by the sheer power and magnitude of fire, and how it shows no mercy on anyone. Everynight we have watched the news to see the progression of the fires, and those who are fighting it.

We did end of going to SeaWorld on Monday, which was a great treat...we felt like we had the park all to ourselves. The kids loved it. They closed the park for the next couple of days, because air quality is so bad...so we will try and catch it on Friday.

We went to San Diego Zoo yesterday, and that was awesome! It just makes me feel like the Salt Lake City Zoo is the white trash trailer park zoo....its been a long time since I attended the SD zoo, but its a great place-it has not been closed once.

The Wild Animal Park has been closed since we got here. They have had to evacuate many of the animals, since the fires has been on the borders of the park...they plan to open it back on Thursday..but we shall see.

So today, we are going to the beach....Amy and Craig are so lucky they live so close to a beautiful beach...the kids go crazy in the water. We have gone every night since we arrived, and it has been awesome.

Enjoy the pictures

Doug, Jodi and crew


Oldest Girl said...

Doug what beautiful kids you have. What a great vacation you planned. I hope the fires clear up and you get to go to some parks. If not, the beach is a great place to hang out. It makes for some great pictures too.! Love you Amy

Mama said...

Awesome photos!!!! Looks like nothing but fun. Hard to believe that you were so close to the devastating fire! Glad you are home safe and sound. Want to see more photos! xoxoxo Mom