22 October 2007

Guten Tag!!

Greetings from Unterschleissheim (Habichtstrasse #19 to be exact!:))!! Yes, that is my address. It's one that I feel I'll never spell correctly, so I always have to double check my spelling...little post-it notes everywhere!! ANYway, hello! I've been absent for a while, while I do love technology (just like Kip on N.D.), it sure is frustrating when it doesn't work like it should!! I have becomem so dependent upon this beautiful thing called a computer that when all isn't well, it really get me!! But, hopefully our problems are behind us...so I thought I'd say a quick hi!

I know I haven't told all of you in person, but we learned a couple of weeks ago that we are expecting another little princess to join our family in February(and yes, to answer Amy, I am looking pregnant!). We are really excited...all is still going well! I've had several dr. appointments and come to appreciate so much the WONDERFUL dr. I had in Seattle...I miss her so! My dr. is american, so she is a gem in the rough here because I can understand her! It's been very interesting to note the differences in the way dr.s practice medicine here...I do prefer the methods in the U.S.!! Myles and Lucy are both trying to contain their excitement about having a new little sister. We were talking about what to name the baby the other night, and Lucy said, "let's name her Lucy, just like me!" They tell me often how they will care for the baby, reading her books, singing her songs, sharing their toys...they're really excited.

Another thing they are really excited about is that Grandma and Grandpa are coming for Christmas!! They are SO looking forward to having them come! We woke up to snow flurries yesterday and Myles came running into our room "it's snowing, it's snowing!! It's Christmas!!" He was sure to include in his prayer on the food for breakfast that he was thankful that it was Christmas...I was sad to tell him that we still have a while to wait until Christmas...but knowing G&G are coming is so exciting for them! Myles has told everyone at school that they are coming...he is really pumped! And so am I!

I have a confession to make to you all...I've already started listening to Christmas music. I'm sorry, I know it isn't really legal yet, but I've been working on Christmas projects for the design team I'm on, (by the way, you can see some of the stuff I've been working on here, on My Stampin' Spot). I am really loving the new Josh Groban "Noel" Cd...oh, Chris Botti (a fantastic trumpet player) also has a new album called "Italia"...FANTASTIC!! I've just been so in the mood for Christmas music, I figured I'd just get it out!! So Mom, I'm sorry...I just have to!!

I hope you are all doing well...I miss you all and am so thankful for you!! Oh, I was talking to Dallas yesterday, telling him som funny "German Thoughts" and he thought I should share them with you all, so here goes! 1. All children should wear hats, so that their brains grow correctly. 2. Children should always wear a layer more than you as the parent, to ensure that their organs grow properly! and 3. Women should always bring more than one swiming suit to the pool and change into a dry suit after they get wet, because it isn't good for your female organs to be in a wet swimming suit! So, don't forget!!



Dallas Graham said...

Well, I know what I'M GETTING the new little one! I'm not going to be the "bad" uncle that doesn't get her 1. a little hat, so her brain forms properly, 2. layers of little clothing so her body organs develop properly, 3. 10 swimming suits, so that she remains in style (every hour) at the pool, AND that the wetness won't get to her "organs".

What do they have to say about diapers?

Christmas music, huh?

Oldest Girl said...

I must buy a new suit for all my girls and me! Wow! I guess it is ok to listen to Christmas Music. The other day i had on George Winston..Thanksgiving i think its called and my kids got all over me for having Christmas music on too soon. They are all into the ceremony on the night of Thanksgiving. Something you all should see, I am sure you can imagine though.

Oldest Girl said...

jeni! this is shelby.

i must tell you. i am quite disappointed.
christmas music?

so much for opening night on thanksgiving.

just imagine my reaction when i read that. (even though the Kip on ND comment was funny ok i admit you are a funny aunt.) but still. im disappointed in you.

bubblyone said...

OH sista---my confession as well is that we too are listening to Christmas music--Frank,Dolly Parton---OHHH how we love her and her voice--i love blue grass! and no we do not have snow --it is a beautiful 60 -65 degree and wow just awesome! Going to a pumpkin patch on Saturday and really i will try not to compare to the patches in VA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!