11 October 2007

Happy Birthday to Brad!

When i think about you Brad i get a warm feeling inside and always feel such an immediate closeness with you no matter how long it has been since i saw or spoke with you. I truly am so grateful for our relationship and will always know that i share a special bond with my big brother Brad.

Thank your for baptizing me
Thank you for always making me feel important--interested!
Thank you for your genuine eye contact and conversation
Thank you for your hugs
Thank you for always being so easy to talk to--always
Thank you for being you!

I love you Brad---more than words can express!
You are the best and i hope you have a fantastic day!


1 comment:

Papa Jones said...

It is I that should be doing the thanking here. I feel so good when I am around you. Thanks for remembering...you have always been very special.

I love you and love seeing this new little guy.