24 October 2007

Oh my littel Lu!

Oh my litte Eliza Jane! You are our little princess! Always acts like a little lady--she eats so slowly, with one hand in her lap, doesn't like snacks--just "brethast, lunch, and dinnor," sleeps with her hands under her chin and just always looks so peaceful and graceful while she sleeps, never wears pants--only skirts and dresses, loves to play dressups, wants only water to drink and drinks with the smallest little lips over the cup, while she sits she always rests both hands on her lap- one on top of the other,---she really couldn't be more of a little girly princess--we love our little lu!


Oldest Girl said...

She is so cute Angie. She looks just like her daddy. What a little girl. Can you believe that out of 7 girls, i don't have one that is that girly! What a treat! love you!

Mama said...

Thanks for the views of Lu. . .both visual and verbal. She is really something, isn't she? We love her! xoxo xMom