30 September 2008

Pictures From Monterrey Mexico

I have so much fun with Google Earth! I use it everyday in my business, and it is so incredible. I use it's tools in my ISP business, and use it for several construction and real estate clients as well. I also like to visit my son in Mexico! I got these great pictures from Google Earth. Landon lives north of the big mountain with the Notch, in a Colony called Tamaulipas, in the suburbs of Monterrey. URBAN SPRAWL!!! Wow! Look at all those people! You can see why he likes it there. The mountain reminds him of Timp back home! Please drop him a line!


Mama said...

WOW!!!! What a city!!! Funny, but in my mind I never thought it would be like that! Photos were awesome! xoxox Mom

Dallas Graham said...

I love that you can do this and get an idea of where he is and the local scene. Great idea! Love that kid.