09 September 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!! and Ruby Tuedsay!

Happy Birthday Momma!! I love you so much!! I've just posted some fun photos of your trip at Christmas time....great memories. We are so thankful for all that you do for us...thank you for loving us all so much!! These are some sweet memories from your trip at christmas time...can you believe it was already that long ago!! Almost a year!
Enjoying the beautiful "streets" of Venice!
Mom and I had SUCH a great time in this store!! The jewels were too much to just walk arway from! And yes, we got our Venition masks too!:)

We trooped up to Rothenburg, and went to some GREAT Christmas shops..Kathy Wolfart here we come!! I loved having Mom take the time to read stories before bed! Myles was educating her about the movie Ratatouille, before she watched it with him and Lucy.
Hope you know how much we miss you and love you momma!!!

And now for the Ruby Tuesday part of your Tuesday...

Some photos of my little gem!! She is just about 7 months old and starting to move like crazy!! I noticed some little blisters the bottom of her big toes...the same spot on either foot. I couldn't figure out what would have given her those blisters! Then I watched her scoot herself along the floor...her big toes are the anchor that give her traction!! She's using that piggie to propel herslef forward! And since our floor is all tile or hardwood, she's going to have to create some tough piggies!!

So this is a photo I couldn't resist the other night. She was playing upstairs with me while I was working the other night...and she fell alseep...right on her little face!! It was too cute not to capture! Here are a couple photos of her in action. She moves across the room from one end to the other-and it's a long room!! She loves to play with little people animals...so cute!!
She won't let this one get away!!

love you all!! hope you are all doing well!! i'll be back tomorrow with another post...my little lucy will be 4 tomorrow!


Mama said...

Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you so much!! What great a great stroll down memory lane! Wasn't it just so dang fun? Let's go somewhere again! RUBY!!!!! Can I please just have a little squeeze? She is so morish and soft and darling! Oh, how we miss watching her as she grows up. Kiss on her for me! Thanks for you loves and greetings!!!! xoxoxo Mom

Dallas Graham said...

Thanks, Jen, for posting these. This past birthday, some of us were in Vegas, attending Garrett Phillips' funeral on our mom's bday. Very sobering, but at the same time, an important place to be: with her, with our cousins, with each other. We wouldn't have the relationships we have with our cousins, if it wasn't for our amazing mom. For as long as we have lived, she has always been a push for keeping relationships and loving our family. Her unselfish ways have taught us the importance of love and compassion. This was seen in a life-happening laboratory at Garrett's funeral. It was sad, but we were glad we could be together, with her, on that day. Poor mom sat in the back seat of the suburban on the way home, eating Doritos and liquorish. I know that didn't pass for good eats, but we did have some great laughs and a memory that will never be forgotten. Thanks for making your birthday even more memorable by remembering one of our kin. Love you mom. Dxo