28 September 2008

How Old Were You

How old were you when you learned how to mow the lawn? (except for Dallas whom Jen said never learned :) ) Isn't this great??? Myles now knows what Saturday Jobs are all about. Only trick is to not run over the extension cord - that could be bad...

Love Tyler


bellybutton said...

that IS great--does he like to do it w/o help? WOW. i never want to TRY to mow the lawn! way to go, myles!!!!

firekracker said...

That's great, but make sure he wears shoes! We have friends whose little boy lost his foot using his mower. So sad and traumatic. Careful!

Mama said...

Haven't done it yet. Hooray for Myles! xoxox Mom

bubblyone said...

i just love it---YEAH for the Mower Myles! It looks so dang awesome--way to start early guys!



Dallas Graham said...

Um. Your wife has a VERY short
and blurred memory. Who taught
her the meaning of the word "grass"?
Who spent 28 hrs a wk teaching her
the physics behind the blade crossing
and cutting? Who nick-named her
"Blade-Killer"? Hmmm. I wonder...