17 September 2008

Landon Transferred to Tamaulipas, Mexico

Hey Fam

Thought we would share a note from Landon we received this week. He has been transferred out of a very humble, but very fruitful area, where we have worried about his health and safety, to the big city. He sounds very happy. Here is an edited version of a letter we received monday:

Oh My!
What a change! I am actually in the city of Monterrey…everything is different…There isn’t dirt on this keyboard!...There is the song FIX YOU from Coldplay ringing through the air! Its breezy and wet outside. Very, very nice and different.

But yes, I woke up at 5 this morning to pack up all the clothes that were drying in the line we hung in our house (it was raining.) I Got everything packed up, and we were in the Central with all the BIG busses at 8. We traveled for a few hours, and luckily got through a HUGE river that was covering the entire highway. We got to the Mission Offices, had a great reunion, and ate a bunch of food. It was really special and I got to see Elder McKell (from MTC) and Elder Farsnsworth (his first companion). In fact, Elder F is going to be my zone leader! I believe my district leader as well! I am way excited to work here. I still don’t know exactly where I will be going, but I will be with an Elder Cruz. I have heard good things about him. Today I was also able to talk to a new missionary that arrived from the MTC – from Boise - he was in the Salt Lake Mission as well. I listened to his broken Spanish, struggling to talk and understand. It was really neat to see exactly how I was!

I LOVED your letters! Thank you so much! Today is actually Elder Chios birthday, too! So two days ago, we organized a trip to the church with our investigators to watch the Restoration movie. There is also an oven in the church! We were very rushed, and Satan did everything in his power to slow us down. There were many things we did, and when we were in the church with our investigators – we tried the keys to open the door to the TVs…It would not open!!! We tried for hours, but gave up. We headed to Martin and Marias home, (these are wonderful investigators he will baptise as soon as they get them married....) and set up the TV. We had popcorn, Balloons, a spiritual moment, and CAKE! They were stunned to see candles that never go out! It was SOO hilarious! Hmm…didn’t make a wish though…probably because I was laughing so hard!

But bad news! I did not get your second package! Hopefully eventually Ill get it. And the family with Mercerez and the kids, do not worry to much. They have received some food and clothes from some members, and she knows what she has to do to persevere till the end. I am worried though, its very difficult in the situation she is in. Father will judge accordingly. But! I was able to see the beginning of the start of a wonderful strong family in the church. I baptized Guadalupe – daughter of Maria. It was a great program – but again she needed to get dunked 4 times! Elder Chio and I thought the second time was valid – but its all good. These people really aren’t used to water.

But yeah – they were touched by the sufferings of the early saints – especially Joseph Smith. I love reading scriptures with them! By far, it’s the healthiest seed I have planted in Reynosa. I pray that they will continue in happiness and faith! I feel really good about leaving – I have worked hard and the Lord knows it. Peoples agency has sometimes gotten in the way, but I am content with what I have done there. I like this feeling of peace that I have when I come home everyday, tired, tired.

But yes, thank you for all your love! I think about all of you all the time. I can feel all the prayers, and I am stoked to keep working! I said goodbye to Elder Stidham yesterday – that was tough. I know he will serve well and continue to add to the ward there.

Hmm, I really like changes, I think. It is eye opening, seeing missionaries leave and come. When all of us are together with President, I feel very special. Its an honor to be serving with so many great guys.

Haha, oh yeah, for my birthday, I will be eating all my butterfingers, my peach rings, and opening my very last present – a metal container? I honestly don’t know what it is. Other thing I am running out of eye stuff. I can buy other products, but Clear Care is what I like. From now on, you can send your packages and letters (tell people…I havent gotten any letters) to this address:

Monterrey Mission Office
Calle Cerralvo #134
Colonia Libertad
Ciudad Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon
C.P. 67130

Just like that. Elder Stidham has recieved many letters and packages in this way, so it is pretty safe. And pretty quickly as well - do not fear!

I think all your stories of life are excellent. I can picture life there at the house. I am sad that I am missing so much. I am excited to learn more about Dads mission. I really don’t know many stories from his mission.

The hurricane completely missed us…I wanted at least a little bit of wind along with rain – but that is exactly what we are getting right now! Its all good. Here in Monterrey, there isn’t mud, there aren’t more dogs than people, there aren’t exploded sewers running in the streets, there isn’t as much dust. I am pretty excited. It will probably be harder to baptize, though. I don’t want that ´´thought´´ impeding me, though. That is just what the other elders say. It wont apply to me.
I Love YOU ALLL!!!!

Elder Graham the 3rd

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