17 September 2008

Pictures of Landon's Mission

I wish I knew how to better label these pictures, but oh well. The first one is of Landon with the stray kitten he and his companion adopted. It was drowning in a flood and they basically just took it home because they didn't want it to die. It stuck! Next, there is a picture of a baptism a few weeks ago. Landon is lifting one of two little boys of a single mother to his left, which they found. This is the family with no food or clothing. The Bishop has since helped her get on her feet. The three girls to the left of Landon were found by him on a very sweet spiritual day when he was working in another area. He taught most of the discussions, but they were golden, and they love Landon and follow him all over in church. The next picture is of one of the 3 little girls that were baptised that remind him of Sunee! He gave them all little CTR rings that Carolyn sent him in bulk, just for this purpose. They love him, and he loves them.
The next picture is of Landon's birthday cake! He is at the very humble home of his beloved Martin and Maria, who have been diligently studying and preparing for baptism. They are committed, but first need to be officially married by a justice of the peace in Mexico. The marriage keeps getting postponed, but they are committed for this upcoming Sunday for baptism. He will miss it because he was transferred! Take a look at the humble surroundings. They were thrilled to have cake!
This is another picture of Martin, Maria and their daughter Guadalupe, who was baptised just last sunday by Landon. He had to put her under 4 times!

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Mama said...

Thanks Brad for sharing Elder Graham with us! It is so great to see the photos of him and hear about what he is doing. We feel pretty left out unless you share. Our prayers are for him always. We are so proud to claim him!!!! I just can't figure out if it didn't even know when his birthday is. I have always thought it was on the 20 of Sept.! Da!!! He had an early birthday cake and celebration? We will add our via e-mail. xoxoxo Mom