05 October 2008

East Lake Homecoming Take 1

Here are some pictures of my #2 beauty! She went to homecoming with some of her friends and then she called me and asked me to pick her up because she felt uncomfortable with the atmosphere! Go Mady, Go Mady, Go Mady! I said you be and didn't even ask a question until I picked her up!


Mama said...

MADELYN!!!!Is this really you? Of course it is! Oh my what a delight to look at! We knew you would have some spunky hip attire. Too bad your dance wasn't worth going to because of what you have to put up with. Proud of your and your high standards. You sure looked wonderful and I am sure it was fun getting all gussied up. Love you! xoxo G.G.

Dallas Graham said...

No two ways
about it. !!!!!

Jen said...

you look beautiful as usual mady!!

bubblyone said...

Mady---Dang you got some style girl! YEAO! you look beautiful as everyone has said already! I love you and miss you so much---i want to call and chat with you girl---who have you been kissing? LOL---i am praying for you!

Love your fav!