14 October 2008

Doug Graham update


Well, it seems that life is in full swing, and we have been enjoying a beautiful fall season here in Utah. We love where we live and how beautiful it is. I decided to include a few pics of the kids....you will see Ethan in football glory-their team was pretty small compared to all the mutant kids, and we didn't even win a game. Ethan seems to have had fun. He played running back and cornerback..got to catch a few passes, make some first downs and had a bunch of good tackles...I was proud of him because he never quit and kept playing, even when he got hurt sometimes.

Scarlett is great....she is quite creative, and if we are not careful, will follow in the footsteps of her cousin Annabelle in writing prose....I enjoy reading her stories....kind of interesting where she gets her ideas.

Sasha is sprouting...no longer our chubby little "jelly bean"...she has turned into a "string bean". She finally lost a tooth, and it makes me sad to see her little smile change. She loves to read...read, read read.

Teage has become a full on monster....in good and bad ways. Ever since his buddy Cooper died, he literally hates being alone, doesn't like to sleep in his bed, and never lets Jodi and I out of his sight...kind of sad, because he is always talking of us leaving him....he used to be pretty independant-we'd find him downstairs playing by himself for hours....he is such a tough little kid-he loved going to Ethan's football practices and games and wants to play himself...We probably could've used his help this year

Jodi is wonderful as usual....what else can anyone say.....she puts up with me..



littlest said...

where are the pics?

Oldest Girl said...

yea doug, get me excited and then no pics!

Mama said...

Thanks Doug. Enjoyed your writing so much. Didn't see any photos though. Be sure that Ethan knows we are proud of his efforts playing football and hope to see him doing it again next season. I am sorry too to see the kids grow so fast!!Hug them all for me and espcially your prize: Jodi! xoxo oMom