14 October 2008

Oh the Places You Will Go

Well, he is off again. This time to India. We will take him to the airport way early on Wed. morning. What an adventure he is going for! Makes me pretty nervous and yet excited for him. It is just that I will miss the communication with him via phone and probably won't get much e-mail. We will see. I helped him today for a while wrapping up some loose ends and cleaning up his flat for the person who is going to rent it. She came by and I had a chance to meet her. Totally impressed with her. Dallas has boxed up lots of his stuff and has found a corner in our "loft" (don't know why we call it that, but you all know what I mean) He is spending his last evening with his friends at his house eating goodies, etc. I just hope he can use the internet while he is there. I love the way that we can communicate so promptly with this wonderful tool. Let's all join as a family and pray for him as he leaves for several months. He will be ending up in Germany with Jeni and Tyler, which will be wonderful for him and for them. I think I will be able to relax when he gets there. In the meantime, my worry buttons are flashing non-stop. But yes, I know he will have a grand experience and have lots of stuff to tell about when he returns. So Dallas, please know that we will all miss you terribly and will be praying for your safe travel and for a wonderful time of learning and physical stretch. Please feel all of us gathered around in a group hug to wish you the best! We all love you tons!!! Remember and watch out for the weird food and all that. Hugs and kisses enough to last until after Christmas! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo Mom

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Oldest Girl said...

Yea! What she said! I will miss you too Dal! Have a great time and please be careful! WE all LOVE YOU SO MUCH here in Florida! COME WHAT MAY BABY!!!!!! You are the best!