21 October 2008


Landon sent us a few pictures yesterday, and a great sound file. I have sent the sound file to mom, since I can't attach it here, and she will send it out. You need to listen to it. He is totally south of the border now...

Here are some fun pictures of Mexico, and some of the people he loves.

By the way, a couple that he found and taught in his prior area, who were ready for baptism except for getting married, have now been married and baptized, and are moving toward the temple. He is hoping for the experience of going through the temple with them before he comes home, like James and his beloved family.

He mentioned that the word is he will be a senior companion on this next transfer, and he worries a little about the language barrier. However, I think I reads and speaks the language well. On occasion he says he has to ask people to repeat what they say, but that is fine.
He also says the girls there try to touch his blue eyes. They are somewhat of a novelty.



Mama said...

Great photos!!! Thank you so much. Yes the audio was so fun to listen to! Love seeing Elder G. in his element! We love him so! xoxoxo Mom

Dallas Graham said...

I'm going to go ahead and say it... He looks like he's growing up. There. I said it. Am I officially old now? He looks great! Sweating it out in the shirt and tie... oh the days! Dxo