21 May 2008

Untitled Story...

At school, I was assigned to write a story for a test. I got a 6.0 (The best score to get; 100%) on it, so I thought I'd share it. If you like it, I'll add a few more!!! :) By the way, it isn't true!

The constant pitter-patter told me enough: a rainy day. Drumming on my window, a fantastic orchestra of millions is playing a song just for me. Today is the day.
CRASH, BOOM, CRASH. BOOM! I scatter down the stairs to the kitchen, where my mother was cooking breakfast. "Can you wake Ellie up and get her to come out on the trampoline with me?" I asked my mom. She replied, "I will, but it's raining outside, so be careful." I gestured to her to go wake Ellie up from her never-ending snooze while I hurriedly are my oatmeal and bagel. After a few minutes, Ellie came down groggily. I was finished with my food, so I clutched her arm and ran upstairs to get my swimsuit on,. She followed suit. I ventured into the bathroom, grabbed some soap, flew downstairs, filled a bucket with ice and sped outside to the trampoline with Ellie right beside me. We poured the bucket of ice and the whole bottle of soap onto the tramp, and . . . slid! Whenever we glided across the trampoline, an eerie sound came out of it, as if a zipper was in the springs! We laughed and laughed as we "ice-skated" around and around, colliding with each other every few seconds, feeling the cool rain drench out whole bodies. This was how my lucky day began.
Freezing, Ellie and I padded on the tile floor of our house, soaking wet and sharing a towel. Mom chanted to us, "Hey, go dry up and come help me make come oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!"As we came down the stairs, I thought to myself, Mmm, oatmeal chocolate chip, my most favorite!  My mom was just about to crack he eggs, but I raced in and did it myself. This was my favorite part of cooking! My mom grabbed the whisk from the drawer, threw some flour on my face, and asked Ellie to mix. Eagerly, Ellie slid over and started mixing the dough. "Time for the oven," Mom said mysteriously. She placed the cookies in the oven and set the timer for twelve minutes. I could smell them! I could practically taste the goopey mixture burning my tongue! "Why don't you girls go pick a movie for us to watch? I love watching movies on rainy days!" Mom suggested. Ellie and I ran into the family room and opened the cabinet where movies are stored. So many choiced! How could this day get any better?
We ended up picking the modern-day Pride and Prejudice. My mother is IN LOVE with that movie! And right when we snatched the tape, the oven timer went off. Right on time! I thought. Ellie was already on the couch, snuggled up in a variety of blankets and pillows. "Hurry and put it in!" She called to me. I jammed the movie in the tape-player and eagerly yelled to Mom, "Bring down the cookies!" Ellie and I giggled. Mom skipped over to the couch with a plate of cookies in her hand. I grabbed one in a blink and gobbled it all up in 5 seconds (Literally!)! As the tape began, I was coiled up like a python on the couch, wrapped in blankets and eating cookies. This is the day, I thought to myself, grinning, This is the day, and I'm enjoying every little bit! 
I was in my room, settled in my squishy bed, that famous orchestra was fading and fading away . . . until all that was left was a memory. I envy that orchestra of millions, and I always will. I hope they'll visit me again. 

Do you like it? Do you know what the orchestra of millions is? Just to tell you, it's rain. Hope you like it! :)         

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