05 May 2008

Elder Landon's Graham Update...

Ok, we thought that we would send you a few of the fun pictures we are receiving from Landon at the MTC. His letters and sound bites are so full of fun and energy. He has made some life-long friends there, and has shared his growth in the gospel together with them.

Here he is hanging on the wall as one of his favorite character's, Spiderman. This is a chin-up bar on the dorm floor, and at least it is being used for something.

Carolyn received a birthday greeting from him today, and he told us that he received his travel plans today. His plans say that he is leaving the 12th, or next Monday. He is the travel leader for his group. He will leave from SLC at 8:45 AM, lay over in Dallas Ft. Worth from 12:20PM to 3:00PM. Then on to Monterrey. He will get into Monterrey at 4:30 PM Monday the 12th.

We are skeptical that this will happen. We have several kids from Heber in the MTC going to Mexico. Without fail, they are all being held up on their travel visa's. One of Landon's closest friends, and one of my young men, has been in the MTC about a month earlier than Landon, and is still there. They are averaging about 4 weeks longer at the MTC.

We assume the missionaries go through the motions of getting ready to go, and then a few days before, are notified of a change in plans. It is possible that he will leave without a hitch, but we think the possibility is remote.

He sent home some wonderful audio files that we will share with Mom, and she can push them out to all of you. He sounds great, and loves each of you. We know he feels your prayers in his behalf.

This has been one of those weeks in the Bishop's chair. I held a disciplinary council with a dear member of our ward, and just this Sunday, a great High Priest and very close friend of mine sat in front of the High Council. I have seen some difficult moments, but through it all, have witness the matchless power of the Master in saving souls. I share my testimony with all of you that the Atonement is in reality, all that matters to each of us. As Dad said at Scarlette's baptism, He came and Atoned, that we might have life, "and have it more abundantly." My heart is full to the brim with the Abundant Life. It seems like Carolyn and I have been closer than ever before, and that we are closer to the Lord than we can remember. This year of a new business, the challange of putting a missionary in the field, the weight of the office that we bear right now, all have driven us to our knees. From that vantage point, we are seeing more, it seems like. Maybe it is because we can see the prints of the nails in the Savior's feet more closely while we are bowed down in prayer.

We love him, and are so happy. Carolyn said to me the other day, "I feel so wealthy...so rich with the most important things."

Have a GREAT day!

Brad and Carolyn


Jen said...

how fun! thanks for the update! thank you for your sweet words...love you to pieces!! thank you for your wonderufl example!

Mama said...

What a fun video. Love hearing his voice and the enthusiasm I feel from him. He is so awesome and we love him so. Would it be possible to let anyone in Dallas know that he has a layover? Hmmmmm. Brad, thank you for your wonderful comments about what is going on in your life. We know of the stress and pressure you must feel a lot. Our prayers are with you and we know that the Lord will sustain you. I relate to your comments of being driven to your knees and feeling the Savior's love even more when times are hard. We love you! Thanks for blogging so we can all share your love and feelings and all the stuff with Landon. Love you, Brad. . xoxo Mom