05 May 2008

An Abigail Original....Jr. Prom

Hey family

I neglected to post this fun picture of Abby at her Junior Prom. When we moved here we were unaware of the wonderful tradition that exists at Wasatch High School for the Junior's each year. My councilor in the Bishopric is the High School Principle, and he told me that we are one of only a handfull of schools to still do what we do for Prom.
The entire community comes out to watch the Junior Promenade each year. Every single student of the Junior Class, every Boy and Girl, is escorted in a prom dress or a tux, by another Junior of the opposite gender, and then they perform a beautiful waltz they have practiced for over a month in the mornings. Every mentally handicapped kid, every girl who has never had a date, and every boy who has not had the guts to ask out a girl, is part of this Promenade.
Abby happened to be asked by her really good friend McKay (Ed) Anderson, shown in the picture. They danced flawlessly, and she was easily the most beautiful girl there. At the end of the Promenade, Fathers of the girls, and Mothers of the boys, are asked to come down to the floor to dance. So I dressed up in my best clothes and Abby and I got to dance a slow dance together. Carolyn did the same with Landon a few years ago. It was awesome, and I felt like I was an old man.
The picture is not at full quality, but you get the picture.


Jen said...

that is so fun! i'm glad that you shared! and what a wonderful tradition to be part of!! xoxoxo

Mama said...

Wow! Is Abby a little doll or what? What a wonderful thing for a high school to do for the Prom!! Never heard of such a thing. It would be awesome to have other schools begin a tradition like that. It must have been so fabulous! You need to call the Grandma to come and watch when Gretchen is a Jr. What am I saying???? Surely that will be many years away for little Gretchen. Well, all I can say is I am sure Abby was the Belle of the Ball! Thanks for sharing the experience! xoxo Mom