03 May 2008

attached at the hip and growing up!

just a little update with the kids--having a great family night outside on a beautiful TX night---life is beautiful!


Dallas Graham said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I'm just looking at this image, thinking: Who is that little brown-haired wonder?!

Counting the hours until I can gnaw on his cherubic goodness!

Oldest Girl said...

I hardly even know who that kid is! He is sooooooo cute! He looks more like Matt in the second picture. Your family is so beautiful! What pretty kids you and Matt make!

Jen said...

wow...little jake...dang! like dal and amy....i can't wait to see him!! he looks delicious!! and myles and lucy are just counting down the days until we get to see all of our cousins!!


Mama said...

Angie Jake is so dang cute. You keep him attached at the hip as long as possible. Look how big and how fast little Dallas grew up. Let's keep Jake little for a while. Can hardly wait til you get here! xoxo Mom