14 May 2008

Guten Tag!

Greetings from the land of delicious pretzels...and lots of beer! You all know we don't "partake" of the beer...but man, everyone talks about "drinks" all the time!:) It's quite amazing...and way different! Anyway, here are a few of our latest photos...

These two funny kids came down stairs the other night, and said, "Mom, guess who we are?"

my response "Myles and Lucy?"

kids reply, "Batman of course!"

Yes, those are bat stickers on their foreheads that they wore all night...luckily the stickers weren't too sticky, they didn't leave a mark. Last night, we were enjoying a beautiful evening outside in our backyard. We were giving Ruby a little "jumping" on the trampoline...Lucy wanted to hold her...and boy, Myles can make that little Ruby just giggle!! Isn't that so cute!? She really does giggle a lot, and oh, it is so fun to watch her be so happy! Her whole person giggles....so cute!!
Myles is taking part in "football" after school on Fridays. He is having a great time and a lot of fun. The best part for him is that his Dad is one of the "coaches" and comes to play with him every Friday at 2:20! He really looks forward to having Dad there. (Yes, that is a castle in the background...part of the school is an old castle...really cool huh!?)
Ok, I had a lot of fun taking photos today! Ruby is now 3 months old and I wanted to get a "3 month" photo. We went out to the backyard and put her in her new little sundress...Lucy has a matching one...can't wait to see them together!
So, we are all good. We are really enjoying the beautiful weather...but at the same time, I'm starting to get scared of the heat! I'm already needing to leave the windows open at night, and freeze while we sleep....then hurry and shut the house up to keep the sun out during the day! We have the most wonderful blinds on our house...they keep out all the light! I really wish we could get them in the states too! Anyway, we love you all and hope you are all doing well! And have you thought of your dates for your European vacation yet?!

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