10 May 2008

Dallas' Concert

Ok, I just blew my attempt to title my post. Don't know what happened, but I will try again. I just wanted to let you all know of the incredible concert we attended on Monday night. I am sure you are all aware that the UCA are going on tour in June. They leave June 11 to go to England and France. They have been working on the music for a year. Those who wanted to go have had to commit to missing no rehearsals! This has been a huge committment and effort. Well, now they are in the final stages of preparation and almost ready to leave. Dad and I had wanted and even planned to go with them, but had to pull out, so we won't be going. I can hardly stand to think of Dallas performing where he is going to perform and me not being there to be a part of it. Anyway, their concert on Monday was a preview of what they will be doing. There was a beautiful slide show on a huge screen showing the amazing countrysides of England and France and of the beautiful venues where they will be singing. In England they will be singing in the St. Andrews Church, St. Brides church, Landmark Arts Center, St. Paul's Cathedral in London, (unbelievable) Canterbury Cathedral, and Notre Dame, in Paris, and LaMadeleine in Paris. Pretty awesome, huh? The music they will be doing is very difficult and very perfect for these amazing acoustic wonders. I am not sure where, but I am told that they will also perform Prevenient Grace. Pretty wonderul, huh? Anyway, with all this said, let us all join in congratulating Dallas for his participation in this amazing group. Hats off for conquering such difficult and taxing music and then having it sound so heavenly. We are so thrilled to know of his vocal talent and so satisfied that he is given this great opportunity to sing with such experts and participate in this experience. What joy! I can only hold my breath until I get a recording of it. Dallas has also been asked to do a photographic documentary of the tour for the group. So we will be able to see where they went and how it was. The concert was wonderful, Dallas! As good as we have ever heard! Congratulations for a superb performance with such artistic articulation and perfection. It was all just fabulous. We love you and will be thinking of you as you see the beautiful countries of England and France. We have been there and are excited that you now get this opportunity. Hooray for you! xoxox Mom

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Oldest Girl said...

Can I go in the suit case. I would love to hear all of those songs sung in my bathroom no less... can you imagine how it will sound in those ancient places.....i wish I could be there Dallas! I know you will love the experience. Have a wonderful time and think of me!:)