27 May 2008

Marco Polo Has Nothing On Elder Landon Graham

This is today's email from our son who is bouncing around Utah until his Visa comes through. Please pray for that to happen by the way! Actually, he is keeping a very good attitude, while serving only 15 MINUTES from home!!!!!

So, here is Landon's letter...

Hey Everyone!!!
Whoa. Okay, latest update, I'm now in KAMAS!!!?? Ahh!!! They called me up just Sunday night and told me to pack my bags. Yesterday, we woke up bright and early, went to Zone Meeting for the Talorsville Zone, then I was shuttled off to the Mission Office again. There I met Elder Aldaco and Elder Ficker - more companions! Then we went and had lunch at the Edmonds in Wasatch County - one of the sons actually was a companion of Lynn Sweat on his mission in England!!!!
And get this, I'm actually staying in another member's home - the O'Driscols!!! I didn't get to talk much, but they are related to Ryklee's family! I think the husband is a cousin of Ryklee's parents? Crazy!!! And yeah, it WAS bizarre to find Aunt Alaine in the grocery store! GWAHH!! And then yesterday I passed right by Jordanelle! I see signs to Heber city everywhere!!! I'm 10 minutes away from you!!!!!
This morning we went and worked out at the Kamas Rec center! Yeah, the one where we competed in, and played in, and drove to all the time!!! This is just nuts...Am I really on my mission?!
Of course I am - and yesterday was one of the most spiritual days I've ever had with investigators and such. I'm brand new to this area, but now I'm not going to stinky old apartments that aren't clean, and the owners have never cared about a single thing in their lives. Instability. No, now I'm going to individual homes - some smaller than others, but everyone is so much nicer. We watched The Testaments with a couple of Spanish guys - one was a recent convert I believe. Very humble places, but I love it.
So yeah, now I'm with the full time missionaries who actually speak Spanish! We switch between English and Spanish, and its great. Its really helpful to constantly hear Spanish. I'll keep working at it.
I think I fulfilled my purpose in Talorsville, I was required to give a 15 minute talk in Sacrament Meeting in the Talorsville 3rd Ward. It was completely about Christ, and I pulled many things from resources and things I learned at the MTC, and I also bore my testimony in Spanish. After the meeting, I had many people come up to me and thanked me for my testimony. I committed them all to renew our testimonies in Christ, and basically impliment Him in everything that we do, everyday. So maybe I gave a member (or one of my recent investigators) that testimony boost that they needed! Yes! We had Alfredo Solomon, Kasper, and a couple other investigators come to church!!! I'm probably going to miss 7 baptisms that will happen in Taylorsville - all that I taught. AAARRRGH!!!
By the way, that Luiz Perez is in our area - I'll make sure to talk to him!
Hey - the inhaler I have is REALLY coming in handy. I run into lots of smoke, lots of dogs, cats, cotton, you name it, and just one puff of that clears me right up. (Usually its my lungs that are the problem, not itchy eyes or anything) I've only used it twice so far, but its wonderful. I don't know how long it will last - would I be able to get another one? I should be able to get some clear care (for my eyes) here...if not, I'll tell you. I still have a bottle left, just being more safe than sorry.
Over the last week, I also gave my first Priesthood blessing! I don't know if I recorded something about that, but I will. Just know that it was an amazing experience.
Oh, everyone! I have an hour to do email now, so don't worry about sending me email! I haven't gotten any snail mail yet - and Mom, honestly don't know when I'll get a letter to Grandma and Grandpa. I will definately make one if I have time. But make sure to tell them that I love them with all my heart, and I thank them for the hospitality they have given me. I appreciate their constant, loving example for me, and especially for raising you in the correct way - in the gospel.
I don't know where else the Lord is going to send me before I get to Mexico...But I did read this scripture this morning, and it made me quite happy. Doctrine and Covenants 6: 32-37
Really, what do I have to worry about?
Okay, I have to go. The computers are stupid and slow - the one picture is Elder Krieger, me, and Elder Bayba. I have tons more, and lots of recordings too, but this is really slow and I've gotta go.
Elder Graham the 3rd.

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Mama said...

Dear Elder Graham, how wonderful to read your letter! Somehow you feel pretty close. This is totally unreal, but it is so great to hear that you know you are on a mission even if it is so close to your stomping grounds. Now you know how Grandpa feels when he tells people he went to Weiser, Idaho from Rigby, Idaho. Even at that, Weiser is several hours from Rigby. I guess you just put your blinders on and focus on the work, right? How sweet is that? We love you Landon and pray for your always and every day. We are loving hearing about your experiences and your spiritual growth. I love that you are doing well with the language. Even though you might be close in miles, you still seem far away in the mission field. There are lost souls everywhere. Keep truckin' Elder. Please know that G.&G. Graham are with you in our hearts and thoughts. xoxo G.G.