28 June 2008

Reunion 2008 Who-Gives-Who

Hopefully all of you visit the blog! If you don't, then, you probably won't know who you are giving to! (Just kidding! We'll probably tell you!) Just to tell you, most of these were picked completely randomly! We had a few direct requests here and there, one person had who they had last year (hee haw haw), and some people's siblings gave to who their sibling gave to last year!!! Wait, that's confusing . . . um, never mind! (Sorry if I spell any names wrong!!!!)

Graham -  Abby (Graham as in Estee's baby)
Austin -  James
Garrett -  Nelson
Kayla -  Dallin
Bo -  Tommy
Emma -  Ethan
James -  Landon
Dane -  Austin
Grace -  Sasha
Gabe -  Sunee
Tommy -  Scarlett
Landon -  Grace
Abby -  Whit
Gretchen -  Gabe
Cozy -  Emma
Sunee -  Nelson
Dallin -  Garrett
Netty -  Graham
Ethan -  Cozy
Scarlett -  Shelby
Sasha -  Dane
Teage -  Lucy
Shelby -  Kayla
Mady -  Netty
Savannah - Gretchen
Caroline -  Ruby
Annabelle - Bo
Amelia -  Ryan
Lilly -  Jake
Whit -  Annabelle
Ryan -  Caroline
Eliza -  Mady
Dallas -  Lilly
Jake -  Savannah
Myles -  Will
Lucy -  Mary
Ruby -  Teage
Will -  Dallas
Mary -  Amelia
Nelson -  Myles

P.S. My mom and I haven't figured out the adults' who-gives-who, but I'm almost sure my mom will post it on later!!!!!


Jen said...

thanks so much!!

RockStar said...


If you remember, we already have the system down for who the adults give to....its pretty straight forward...mom should have the wheel that gives the assignments

Oldest Girl said...

Hey Doug
Thanks, we are still putting it on the blog because most people dont know that....:) I have been in touch with mom and she has turned the wheel. I just have to post them. Thanks! Oh by the way the "oldest" is Amy not Angie!