23 June 2008

Graduation and Things

Hello family! It has been a long time since I have posted a blog. I thought I would share some photos of Shelby's graduation and things! This next year we will have a funny thing happen. We will have a girl starting the first grade in every level of eduacation. Amelia will be in Kindergarten. Annabelle is starting Middle School. Savannah is in High School and Shelby will be a Freshman in College! Kind of interesting huh!

Love Amy


bubblyone said...

WOW absolutely beautiful girls! SO miss you guys so dang much and wish to see you so sooooon!

Congrats on all this wonderful news!


Dallas Graham said...

Did you plan that?? Cause that sounds uber-cool!
Love seeing them reaching, growing, becoming!

Love you girls! Congratulations!


Jen said...

shelby, lovely!! i can't believe you are really that old...seems like just yesterday:). savannah...WOW love those beatiful teeth of yours!!
annabelle....you are amazing and wow...i can't believe how talented you are!! go girl!!
and shmee....please don't grow up too fast!! we're excited to come to your house ON your birthday!!!
can't wait to see you all!!!:)