17 June 2008

Fun in the Sun!!

Hey all!! As those of you that have been to Europe will remember...when it's HOT, it's HOT!! We don't have the blessing of A/C here, and well...that leads to days in the pool! Now, I know our pool doesn't quite measure up to Scott, Stan, Amy, or Angie's pools....but let's be honest, it does the trick! We've spent several an afternoon playing in the water and eating popsicles to try and cool off! The two main floors of our house do stay "ok"-we keep the windows open all night and then close them and tightly close the blinds all day, and yes, we feel like we live in a cave, but we stay cool! The cellar stays nice a cool, but there isn't much to do down there! I want to introduce you to perhaps the best purchase we've ever made...

I love this machine with all my heart!! It is so fantastic to work out on! It doesn't hurt my knees it doesn't hurt any of my joints at all! It works my arms, legs, back...the whole shabang! It's great because it's sturdy enough for Ty to workout on as well. We've really been putting the kilometers on lately (watching episodes of 24 make your workout really fly!). So, I'm "cooling down" now and thought I'd share with you all! Just FYI, Ty purchased seasons 1-6 of 24 while he was in the states last fall and it feels like I'm watching it for the first time! I'm in season 3 right now, the suspense is killing me!!

Hope you are all doing great! I'm going to be better about sharing...I'm committed. We're going to hop in the car for a roadtrip to Paris this weekend to see Dallas! We're really excited!! My kids can not wait to see him...isn't it fun that their memories of Paris will for always and forever include you Dal?!! We'll post when we get home and give you a debrief!

Here is a photo of Ruby for some eye candy for you, I can't believe she's already 4 months old! We are counting down the days until we get to see you all!! xoxoxo


bellybutton said...

ruby is VERY cute!!!! i just want to squish her and eat her up!!!!!!!! thanks for the update--i enjoy reading the blog!!!


Mama said...

What a fun blog!!! Thank you so much for the photos. I have wanted to see the new water fun and your back yard. The photo of Ruby is soooooooooooooo cute! Is this not the machine you had when I was there? Watchng 24 keeps your mind off the pain of exercise, right? I am ready for the next season when you get finished. Fun to see you and hear from you. Love you! Momn

bubblyone said...

OHHHHHH she is so delicious jen---can't wait to see you either! OH i think your kids are adorable!

Love you,