28 June 2008

Just a few highlights...

Out trip to Paris last week was AWESOME! Yes, it is a beautiful city, lots to see and do, but let's be honest for us, the highlight was being there with DALLAS!! I know I don't have to explain in much detail about the excitement my kids had in looking forward to seeing Dallas. I am so thankful that we were able to get to see him and spend some great time together!!
Here they are...making the plan of what to do and when to do it. I think most of you are aware of Ty's love for maps, it's great to add one more city map to the collection. (Although he thought Dallas' map was superior to the one he had:).)
We met up with Dallas on Saturday afternoon at Notre Dame. Lucy took the opportunity presented to squeeze him as hard as she could...I wish you could have seen their excitement as they saw him across the plaza!!
And here, Dallas got a chance to squeeze on Ruby...you can tell from the photo that she is smiling back at him...it was really fun. And a fun thing for Ruby will be that she met Dallas for the first time at Notre Dame in Paris, France! How fun is that!?
Here we are chillin' after our tour of the Louvre. It was really amazing that we found eachother here. It was Sunday afternoon and the train that we (the Allen's) were taking made us a bit late for our meeting time with Dal. There were SO many people there...I kept saying a little prayer that we'd be able to find him, because his phone wasn't working...and hello, there were thousands of people there and it is SO huge. We decided to start our tour and just hope to find him. We decided to started out at the Mona Lisa...and guess who we found also at the Mona Lisa? Their tour had already started, but they were there!! Thank you Heavenly Father for answering my little prayer!! (Can any of you guess what Dallas is dong with his left hand? If you get it right, I'll bring you a wonderful candy bar!!:))
Sunday we also made our way to the Eifel Tower!! It was so much fun! Wow, it's an awesome sight to see!! This was what my kids were most excited to see. They knew about it and it was a really fun time. The weather was wonderful...this photo was taken after 8:00 pm! We were really excited to see the tower with all the lights on at night...we got back to our appartment at 11:25 pm and it still wasn't dark!! just becoming twilight...so we didn't get to see it with lights...bummer!!

Anyway, just wanted to share a few fun times...you know you could each have this much fun if you came over for a visit...really!!!

Loves to you all!!!


Oldest Girl said...

I know what dal is doing with his hand!

Mama said...

Thank you so much for this awesome blog!! It is so fun to see you there together. I wanted to be there so bad!!! I loved the picture of Tyler and Dallas in such deep concentration. Maps are really cool. I really prefer having a map in my hand whenever I am in a strange place. I want to join Tyler and Dallas' club of map lovers. Any other takers? Who wants a map for Christmas and of what country and town? I get a prize too because I know what Dallas is doing with his left hand! Love your blog! Mom

Dallas Graham said...

I am THRILLED that you shot these images! But moreso, thrilled that you were there. That you came all the way from Germany and that you roughed and toughed it through-out all Paris, heaving that stroller, being patient, and having such a fantastic time with all of us! You and your little brood are wonderful. It'll always be a life-long memory for me. Dxo

Oldest Girl said...

I love to see dal and tyler too! Hey does anyone else think that Jeni looks alot like Angie in her picture with dal? Maybe it is the dark hair.