17 June 2008


Tonight I had the privilege to go with Stan to Ogden to see Grace in her dance recital. She is with the famous Clytie Adams School of Dance. Grace was a beautiful little ballerina! She lives up to her name very well. The whole show was spectacular! I was taken back to so many years of attendance there and watching my ballerinas as they went through many years there with Clytie. It was a really a sweet time of memories for me. Hopefull there will be a video and you will be able to see this professional production. Full orchestra, fantastic staging, fantastic lighting, everything perfect. And to think that tonight was just half of the show. Tomorrow night Cast B will perform the whole production. It was a great evening of excellent entertainment. Thanks to Grace for her beautiful dancing and inviting me to go. Maybe there will be a photo on the blog or something. Love, Mom/G.G.

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Jen said...

how fun!! memories for sure! i bet is was wonderful! clytie does everything beatutiful!! i'd love to see a photo or two!!