25 June 2008

k my favorite hair cut EVER!

i just had to share---WENDEE did it--cut my favorite hair cut! Lots of layers, just have never been able to wash and go (since my way short hair) and wow my hair has alot of wave in it---i can seriously say that i dag on love it--cheesy picture but i just washed and went--LOL


Jen said...

you are so funny!!! thanks for sharing!! it looks great! wash and go...NOT my hair! it's started falling out--due to having a baby...and i'm worried about being bald soon...DANG!! love it and love you!!! wash and go sista!!

littlest said...

LOVE it! i love your wave. looks like you are a beach babe!!

Oldest Girl said...

It is soooo Cute! You always look awsome Angie! Way to go Wendee! Swim and go!